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These instructions were created while using the Hinds Hall 114 Copier- Konica C654. Need to be updated for the new XEROX Copiers

Have your document set up and ready to print.  Go to File-->Print

1. Select the Hinds Hall 114 Printer: C654 printer (\IST-S-PRINT3\IST-H114-C654)


2. Under the Page Sizing & Handling, check off the 'Booklet' option.


3. Click on properties, and then click on the basic tab up top.  Under paper tray option, select bypass tray. Under original/paper size options, you will need to adjust accordingly

 4. Click on finish tab at the top of the window, and check off center staple & fold


5. Click OK, load your paper with the short end first into the bypass tray


6. Back on the main print page, select number of copies and click print

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