Below you will find an example routine for teaching within Hinds Hall in a 'Hybrid' (split in person and online) manner. There are a number of links to additional resources and considerations throughout.

Additional information is available if you are still working through what delivery mode best fits your teachings style and content.

Start of Class

  • Clean the Teaching Station -tech wipes are available in the back of labs for students to use on any technology.
  • Coordinate any PPE or cleaning supplies for students to use as they get situated.
  • Ensure the PC is powered on.
  • Start the AV Technology in the room. (Instructions for each room in Hinds Hall can be found under iSchool Spaces Technology & Operation. Outside of Hinds Hall please reference this Classroom Resource Guide.)
  • Log In to the computer with your NETID and Password.
  • Sync your Headset (Instructions are on your room page under iSchool Spaces Technology & Operation or can be found here), and then put it on!
  • Setup the online component of your Hybrid lecture. (Teams, Zoom, Collaborate)
    • Upload any files you intend on disseminating in person. 
    • Confirm your headset, the room camera are the sources being used in your session: Teams, Zoom, Collaborate.
    • Screen share your primary desktop.
      • Be aware that you screen is now shared. Do not pull up the grade book or do any personal business while waiting for students to fill into your session.
    • Move the Teams/Collaborate/Zoom to the secondary screen or minimize it.
    • Ensure your FA/TA is also setup and ready to assist with classroom management --either in person or as an online participant themselves.
  • Have clear instructions on the role of the FA/TA. Communicate that role to the students as well.
    • Are they there to inform you when a remote student has a question? Or, do you want them to try to answer it?
    • Does the TA support any students in the room, or are they only on the call and focused on managing the online portion of the class?
  • Be cognizant of your Room Occupancies with Social Distancing Requirements in Place and ensure you're not over these guidelines before class starts.
  • Start your meeting recording (if you are going to record your session).

During Class

  • Present from your primary screen as you would normally.

  • Ensure any video content you play is linked to for remote viewers to watch locally.
  • Split your question/support time between in person and remote questions.
  • Have a method in which you can easily see issue being brought to your attention by the FA/TA. (A direct message, text message to your phone, eye contact across the room..something.)
  • Be sure to check the meeting chat during Q/A periods.

End of  Class

  • End any active recording and then end your Teams/Zoom/Collaborate session. 
  • Sign out of the computer. Do not shutdown or restart, that can trigger updates and be inconvenient to the next instructor.
  • Clean the Teaching Station -tech wipes are available in the back of labs for students to use on any technology.
  • Collect any unused PPE or supplies you made available.
  • Don't forget your headset! (It may still be on your head.)
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