This page outlines the iSchool  practices, operations, and policies to ensure all staff and faculty are aware of operations in relation to Hinds Hall.

Hinds Hall Hours of Operation: 

Hinds Hall will be closed:

  • December 23rd, 2023, through January 1, 2024
  • May 25th, 26th, & 27th 2024
  • November 28th, 2024, through December 1st, 2024
  • December 21st, 2024, through January 1, 2025

Hinds Hall Normal Operation

Typically closed on Holidays and Appreciation Days, see URL =  for specific days. 

Closing times may be adjusted toward the end of a semester to accommodate student work loads.   

Computer labs and Collaboratories may close earlier based on occupancy.

Card Access:

Exterior doors: Access is restricted to Faculty, PhD Candidates and Regular Staff.  Please note; students are not provided card access to exterior doors with the exception of student staff, during extended closures, with express permission from their supervisor.  Students in the building prior to its closing will be allowed to stay. However, labs and classrooms will close according to the building schedule.  There are two computer labs; rooms 016 and 020 which will remain open.

Interior doors: Most interior doors controlled with card access are associated with a research space.  Access may be provided to students on the request of the supervising faculty member.  Twenty four hour access is provided, however access expires for students at the end of the current semester and must be renewed again by request of the faculty supervisor for each subsequent semester.

Scheduling Spaces:

All spaces that are reserve-able have an associated calendar.  Availability of spaces may be viewed at URL = 

For information and instructions on the use of technology available in these spaces please refer to iSchool Spaces

For Assistance Scheduling a Room or Resource


Hinds Hall Normal Room Occupancies

Hinds Hall Room Occupancies with Social Distancing Requirements in Place

(Currently Suspended)

PhD Lockers

Lockers are available for our resident PhD and visiting Doctoral Students, located in room 231.  

Register for a locker by selecting one and sending the ID number of the locker to ISCHOOLFCS@OT.SYR.EDU using your email address. Please include the date you plan on ending use of the locker.  Registering for a locker will allow us to help you if you are having trouble with a locker.  Should you not register and are using a locker and are having trouble, service will require additional time and personnel to establish if you should in fact have access to the locker. If you require assistance please email the address above.

Operation Instructions:

The starting default combination is 3-3-3.

  1. Start with the default combination.
  2. Turn Knob Counter-Clockwise 45until Triangles are aligned.
  3. Set a new combination. Remember and keep safe the new combination.
  4. Turn the Knob Clockwise 45the new combination is now set.
  5. Turn the Know Clockwise 180to lock the door. The combination will automatically scramble.
  6. To Open, change number dials to the new combination and rotate the Knob Counter-Clockwise 180to unlock the door. The combination will again automatically scramble.


  • The combination will remain the same unless it is changed by starting from the most recent combination and continuing with the instructions at step #2.
  • The use of lockers in the iSchool is for your convenience and used at your own risk. The iSchool and/or Syracuse University is not responsible for the loss or security of locker contents or any unclaimed items removed from a locker.
  • Administration reserves the right to inspect lockers at anytime for any reason. The iSchool and/or Syracuse University may, in its discretion, share the results of a locker inspection with the police, authorities, or other external bodies. 
  • Damaging, defacing or altering a lock/locker may result in fines.
  • Individuals shall NOT use the assigned locker to contain narcotics or illegal drugs, firearms, explosives, dangerous or flammable chemicals, etc.
  • Lockers will be checked at least annually. 
  • We will make every effort to notify you once your end date has been reached to determine if you wish to extend or terminate use of the locker.  If no response is received after a reasonable amount of time it will be assumed you are no longer using the locker and any contents remaining, if any, have been abandoned by you and will be disposed.