Welcome to the iSchool Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) online resource pages:

Mission:  The iSchool Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning is devoted to fostering a student-centered teaching community across delivery modes and disciplines.

Scope: The iSchool FCTL supports all full-time faculty, part-time instructors, post-doctorate and Ph.D. students by:

  • fostering iSchool pedagogy and communities of practice through sessions, resources, and list-serv discussions.

  • providing one-on-one meetings to all iSchool instructors, in support of classroom management, instructional quality assessment, academic integrity, course evaluation and assessment.

  • providing timely and relevant information to faculty to support teaching, academic integrity, and the student experience.
  • developing the needed resources, services and support to manage content revisions of existing iSchool courses, modify a course’s mode of delivery, and develop new course offerings in alignment with curriculum development.

  • analyzing learning experience and instructional quality data to support the continued growth of each instructor's individual teaching practice, and the continued improvement of the student learning experience. 

  • offering the appropriate tools and curricular contexts to provide a consistent and inclusive learning environment for all iSchool students, embracing the diversity of their identities, needs, and experiences.

  • partnering with campus-wide instructional quality units to leverage service offerings: Center for Teaching Excellent (CTLE), Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment (IEA), Online Learning Services (OLS), Center for Online and Digital Services (CODL), Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS), First-year Experience, Information Technology Services and others as needed. 

The iSchool FCTL supports academic program operation and accreditation through consultation for preparation for quality assurance review at Senate and state levels.

For instructors new to the iSchool, the FCTL offers orientation, onboarding, and continuous individual guidance for the first two terms of teaching, commensurate to teaching experience. This first-year process provides each instructor with the same services and support described above for current instructors, in addition to a specific introduction to the iSchool’s expectations for instructional quality, classroom culture, and teaching practice.

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