The Dial Pause character is the “-“ on the numeric touch pad of the Xerox WorkCentre 7556. Using the Dial Pause character inserts a 1 second pause in the dialing string. To add a two second pause, use two Dial Pause characters in a row (ie. --).

Local Phone Number:

            9 (Dial Pause) Seven Digit Phone Number

            Example:         9-3155551234

 Toll Free Phone Number:

            9 (Dial Pause) 1 Ten Digit Toll Free Number

            Example:         9-18885551234

 Long Distance Phone Number:

            8 (Dial Pause) 1 Ten Digit Long Distance Number (Dial Pause) Six Digit Charge Code

Example:         8-16075551234-111111 (Where 111111 is Six Digit Charge Code)

 International Phone Number:

            6-011- country code- city code- phone number

Example:         8-16075551234-111111