Fee Adjustment

Process to remove or add the IST Program Fee for PhD students and employees. Fee amounts will vary depending on the number of credits the student is registered for.

Per Tuition and Fees, non-matric students are charged $50 per IST course that they take and matriculated students charges vary based on the number of credits they are registered for.

Non-matrics have programs of 0000U or 0000G.

Fee Amounts

1 to 3 credits: $75

4 to 11 credits: $150

12 credits or more: $200

  • Go to Myslice
  • Make sure the student has the charge on their Bursar Account
    • Student Financial → Syr SS Account
    • Enter Employee ID to see if there is a Program Fee for a specific term.
  • To make the adjustment on MySlice:
    • Campus Solutions→ Student Financials→ Charges and Payments→ Group Processing→ 
    • Create Group and Data Entries
    • Click the Add a New Value tab
    • Enter SU in the Business Unit Field
    • Click the Add Button
  • From the Group Type drop down menu, choose Quick Post
  • Enter 00028 in the Origin ID Field, this is the IST ID
  • Click on the Group Line Entry tab at the top and enter data into fields:
    • ID: Enter the Student's SU ID
    • Account Type: Enter BUR
    • Item Type:
      • Enter 100028010015  to Post a Program Fee
      • Enter 200028010015  to Adjust or cancel a Program Fee.
        • You can also click on the magnifying glass to find these item types.
      • Item Amount: Enter the $ amount of the adjustment
      • Term: Enter the Term of the Adjustment.
        • Use the magnifying glass to select the term. 
  • Click the Save Button - this completes the transaction 

To do multiple entries for more than 1 student, use the + button on the top right to add another record

You will need to update the SUID and $ amount if they are different

The update on the student's account should only take 1-2 business days. 

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