Instructional Quality and Course Development On-board Meeting

Date: Late spring / early summer

  • Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) On-board meeting: Peggy Takach, Director of Faculty Initiatives and Director of Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning
  • On-board meeting agenda

New Full Time Faculty Orientation - August

Syracuse University New Faculty Orientation - More Information

iSchool New Full Time Faculty Orientation

  • Welcome to the iSchool - Interim Dean
  • Overview and structure of the iSchool - Sr. Associate Dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs
  • Introductions to key team members 
  • Research at the iSchool
  • lunch
  • Introduction to labs and centers in the iSchool
  • Expectations working with PhD students

Overview of Key Team Members and Program Directors

A quick overview of key staff functions and support (an organizational chart of the school)

A quick overview of Program Directors

iSchool faculty and staff complete directory 

Professional Photos 

Date: September


Date: September

  • Grant-writing (Ideation, successful strategies, processes) - Carsten Oesterlund – Associate Dean for Research

Faculty Round Table

Date: November

  • Success as a faculty member at the iSchool[1] (Round table with several faculty)

[1] Brent, R., & Felder, R. (1998). The new faculty member. Chemical Engineering Education, 32, 206-207.