1. Invite your guest as you would any other participant (using their email address).

  2. After guests have been invited to the meeting they will receive an email invitation to join the Teams meeting.

  3. In the invitation email, click Join Microsoft Teams Meeting at the bottom of the email.

    Teams invitation email
    (This is what it will look like in gmail.)

  4. The link will open a page in your browser, click on Join on the web instead

    Join Teams on the web

  5. In the next page, input the name which you would like to display in the Teams meeting in the Enter name form

    Enter your name
  6. The host of the Teams meeting will let you into the meeting

    The Teams meeting host will let you into the meeting soon
  7. On the host's view of the Teams meeting, click on the check mark next to the user's name to allow them to join the meeting

    Host side of Teams meeting

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