When to use a Heading

Headings are one of the most important elements of structure. When headings are properly used they create hierarchical data structures; which are leveraged by web browsers, screen reader software, and this particular documentation framework to organize headings. 

How to Create a Heading

  • Once in editing mode, Headings can be specified by changing the 'Paragraph' formatting of text to the appropriate Heading. This button is shown below.

    Selecting a Heading from the drop down menu on the editing toolbar.

Design Guidelines

  • Sections, such as 'Design Guidelines', should be stylized with an appropriate heading. 
  • In this case 'Headings', 'Design Guidelines', and 'An Example' are formatted as a Heading 2, because the title of the page 'Headings' defaults to a Heading 1.

An Example

Below there are a number of formatted headings with a Table of Contents inserted into this document rendering headings to depict how the nest appropriately. 

Example Headings (Heading 3)

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6
Heading 5

Example Table of Contents

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