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Room setup and features

The recording studio is a multi-purpose space which can be reserved for photography, audio/video recording, webinar hosting or anything else that requires a higher level of production or professional appearance. The room is equipped by default with the following items:

  • Sound dampening panels
  • Studio lights
  • Drop-cloth backgrounds (grey, orange with iSchool logo)
  • Computer monitor and peripherals (bring-your-own laptop)
  • Ethernet port, cable and USB adapter
  • Standing desk, fixed table, chairs
  • Extension cords, powerstrip

Loanable equipment

Additional equipment is available via temporary loan from Technology Services - see more here

Please note that these items are not exclusive to the studio and must be reserved separately from your studio reservation. We cannot guarantee the availability of these items if they are not reserved separately.
  • DSLR Camera - Canon EOS Rebel Ti5  (you must supply your own SD card)
  • USB Microphones  - MXL AC-404
  • USB Webcams - Logitech, Microsoft, 1080p
  • USB headset with headphones/mic - Logitech Wireless Headset Dual H820e

Technology support

If you anticipate the need for IT support for your event, please indicate that as part of your room reservation request and a staff member will follow up to discuss your requirements.

Tech Services provides support for the following:

  • Computer equipment configuration
  • Zoom/Teams meeting configuration
  • Assistance with any loaned computers/peripherals (not including camera/photography equipment)

Support is not provided for:

  • Personal equipment
  • Event or content production, editing
  • Camera operation, photography
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