Overview of Classroom Setup

16 seats, calendar , for booking contact: iSupport@syr.edu

Socially-Distanced Student Capacity - 6

Camera/Mic Troubleshooting

For troubleshooting the Camera and/or Microphone in common recording applications such as Microsoft Teams, Blackboard Collaborate, Zoom AND Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

Navigate Here - - > Enable Camera/Mic on Windows - (Teams, Zoom, Collaborate)

ITS Classroom Technology Guide Fall 2020

Classroom Technology Guide – Fall 2020 Semester 

Teaching Workstation

  • At the front of the room, you will see the one HDTV, and an HDMI cable for a manual connection.

  • This room is equipped with a wireless mouse and keyboard allowing the teacher to operate class from anywhere in the room.

Other Resources