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Overview of Classroom Setup

  • At the front of the room, you will see the two HDTVs, Camera 1, and the Teaching Workstation.

111 Main Projector Display

  • At the back of the room, you will see Camera 2.

Camera 2

Teaching Workstation

The teaching workstation consists of multiple parts which allow you to control the classroom.  The teaching workstation sits on wheels allowing it to be mobile.

In the picture above, you will see the following:

  • Extron Control Panel: Allows you to control the monitors, inputs, lights, and cameras
  • External Inputs: Allows you to connect a laptop or other device using VGA, HDMI, or Ethernet
  • Wireless Mouse: Allows you to control presentations wirelessly
  • Wacom Touch Screen: Contains a stylus that allows you to easily annotate presentations and other materials

Extron TouchPanel System Settings

Extron System Main Page

Note: When "System Off" is selected the classroom takes approximately two minutes to shut down everything and then reboot for operation. 

Main Display Controls

  • Power - Main power controls for the projector display at the front of the room.
  • Main Display Settings - The options here are PC Monitor Display, HDMI, and 5 alternative HDMI options with ports throughout the room {The HDMI Inputs are located on the walls near outlets}. Touch any of these while highlighting your desired display above (Left/Projector/Right) to change.
  • To ALL - By touching this option, the display/volume settings currently selected will be pushed TO ALL other display settings on this Extron system. 

If video is not outputting and you have consulted the above options, make sure video mute is NOT highlighted.

Volume Settings

  • Main Volume Settings - Up and Down arrows will raise volume for the speakers throughout the classroom.
  • Main Microphone Settings - Up and Down arrows will raise input sensitivity of the microphones throughout the room (When they are in use).

Teaching Station Controls

  • System Utilities - Select this option to open up the following display.

Extron System Teaching Station Settings

  • Teaching Station Monitor - Similar to the above display options, these will change the output of the monitor on the teaching station relative to the highlighted option.
  • Left Screen / Right Screen - Control the projector screen(s) located in the front of the classroom.
  • Lights Presets - Control the lights for the entire room.

Confidence Monitor Controls

  • Confidence Monitor - Select this option to open up the following display which allows for control of the two monitors located on the back wall.

Confidence Monitors

Confidence Monitor Settings

  • Left Rear/Right Rear - Selecting the options below these headings will change the display of the back-wall monitors.

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