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Overview of Katzer Room

Use this page for information on how to present in the Katzer room.

Front Room Display & Accessories

  • At the front of the room, you will see the an HDTV Front Monitor, Camera 1, the Extron Touch Panel (w/ Display/Audio Inputs Below), and Microphones.

Close-Up of Front Inputs

  • The Inputs located below the Extron touch panel are found pictured below; each correlates with a display/setting found on the Extron Panel:

Back Room Display & Accessories

  • At the back of the room, you will see another HDTV Monitor, Camera 2  and the Local PC Components operating in this room. 

  • Local PC: Desktop running the Katzer Room.
  • Wireless Mouse & Keyboard: Allows you to control the Local PC.

Extron Touch Panel System Settings

Note: When "System Off" is selected the classroom takes approximately two minutes to shut down everything and then reboot for operation. 

  • Source Select - Selecting the above will change the input displayed throughout the room to whichever is highlighted. 
  • Audio Conference (Dial-Out Options) - Select this option to begin utilizing the phone functionality of the Katzer room.

  • Utilities - Each option selected from this row will open a secondary set of settings. (Each Utility is discussed in detail below).

  • Volume Settings - On this screen, Volume bar is universal and will change throughout the entire room if adjusted.
  • Mic Volume - On this screen, Mic Volume bar is universal and will change throughout the entire room if adjusted. 

Utility Settings

Monitor Control Settings

  • Power - Main power controls for the TV displays throughout the Room.
  • Source - Selecting any of the below options will change the outputted display for the Monitor you selected.

Light Controls

  • Select the Lights Control option to adjust the lights throughout the room.

Camera Controls

  • Select the Camera Control Utility from Main Extron Screen to reach these settings. 

  • Camera Control- The Arrows will adjust height/angle for the two cameras located throughout the classroom.
        • Zoom will change the focus/zoom of each camera individually.

        • Presets will set the camera to a previously saved position.

Audio Controls

  • Select the Audio Control Utility from Main Extron Screen to reach these settings.

If audio is not outputting, make sure mute is NOT highlighted.

Dial-Out Controls & Settings

  • Audio Conference (Dial-Out Options) - Select this option to open up the following display.

  • Incoming/Out-coming Volume - Increase or Decrease these options to adjust their respective volume throughout the room.
  • Dialer - Use this keypad to make a dial-out call from the Katzer Room. (The speakers and microphone are located via surroundings throughout the room).
  • Delete - Delete a number you typed incorrectly
  • Call - To make the call of the dialed number
  • End Call - To end the call currently in session
  • Flash
  • Privacy - Mute the microphone on your end but still allows for audio to come through.

General Support Dial-Out Numbers

  • Below you will find the general support numbers for Hinds Hall help.

Other Instructional Resources