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The EDA ("L-")  account enables users to have limited administrative control over their computer. This allows you to customize your system and install applications while maintaining the IT security controls put in place per campus policy. You cannot log in to the system with the EDA user account. It should be used in conjunction with your NetID account and Windows User Account Control as described below. For compliance reasons, the usage of the EDA account is logged and will only be reviewed in the event of a information security-related matter.

Installing Software Using EDA

  1. Place your executable file in the "C:\Apps-SU" folder. If this folder doesn't exist, you can create it. ('C' is the drive letter assumed to be a local disk on your computer; change this if necessary)

  2. Run the executable file. The installation process will begin and continue until administrative rights are required to proceed. 

  3. A UAC Login prompt will appear.  For the username, enter: <\l-<netid> (ex. .\L-NetID) For the password, enter the one that was provided to you.

    The ".\" in front of the username forces local user authentication as opposed to Active Directory. You will see the "Domain" field change from "AD" to your local PC name.

    Showing how to enter credential

  4. Select 'Yes' or press 'Enter'.

Note: If any software  installers provide the option to "Install for my user only" or "Install for all users", choose the option to install for all users.

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