Creating a Teams Meeting

There are multiple ways to create a meeting for Microsoft Teams. The below information will highlight our recommended steps for creating your next Teams meeting.

Within Outlook

  1. Select Calendars Tab in the bottom left.

    Microsoft Outlook - Select Calander Tab

  2. From the Calendar View, Navigate to the date which you will create a Teams Meeting

  3. Highlight the Date, then Select "New Teams Meeting" from the top bar

    MS Outlook - Create new teams meeting

  4. The following window will open allowing you to customize meeting attendees as well as the setting/details of the Teams Meeting.

    Teams meeting details window
  5. Select the people, groups, or list-servs who you will invite to the meeting.

  6. Send the event and this link will now populate in Outlook and Teams Calendar.

Within Microsoft Teams

  1.  Launch the Teams desktop app; or login to

  2.  Navigate to the Calendar section, located on the sidebar

    Calendar Icon in Teams Sidebar
  3. In the upper right, click either 'Meet now' or 'New meeting(to create a future meeting)':

    Teams New Meeting Buttons

  4. Fill out the appropriate meeting information:

    Meeting Details

  5. *OPTIONAL* Use the Schedule Assistant  button to check schedules of all meeting attendees to confirm they are available at the selected time

  6. If you would like to share the meeting link, copy link and send it to users. (Join the meeting by opening the meeting on your calendar and hitting join):

    Completed Teams Meeting Setup

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