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This document explains how to upload and associate a syllabus with a course. It is helpful to do this close to registration when students are shopping for classes. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Sign in to the iSchool Website. More Info: How to log in to My iSchool
  2. Once you are Signed in click on the My Classes link under My Profile
  3. Under My Classes, you will see your list of classes you teach. You can attach a syllabus using the upload  button to the right of the class title.  

  4. From the upload page, click the Choose File... button to browse your computer for your syllabus. Choose Upload - please upload your syllabus in PDF format.
  5. When you are done uploading, you will be able to see the syllabus in the modal window. View permission is set to "Everyone can view it" by default. 

  6. You may change the view permission of your syllabus using the dropdown menu in the syllabus column. 

    1. There are three possible states:

      1. Only you can view it - Not viewable.  Document is accessible only by my.ischool administrators.  Do not use this unless your syllabus is undergoing temporary revision and you need to block it completely from view.

      2. Authenticated Users Only - User must log into my.ischool account to view syllabus.  This is the default, and it complies with regulations as it is viewable, but the syllabus is restricted to viewing by valid SU students, faculty, staff who have logged in.

      3. Everyone can view it - Viewable by all website users.  This complies with regulations to be viewable at least by SU students, and it also is viewable by anyone generally coming to the website who clicks the link.





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