The iSchool has an HP Designjet Z3200p high quality color graphics plotter which is available for student, staff, and faculty use, located in 014 Hinds Hall, but uses the computer in 020 Hinds Hall on the standing desk. A plotter is a special large format printer capable of producing media such as technical drawings, posters and banners. The iSchool plotter is of museum grade and is suitable for very high quality printing.

iSchool lab printers follow standard Syracuse University printing polices.

A few considerations

  • The plotter roll is 24” wide. It is not recommended you print more than 36” long. It is recommended you design your prints with a small margin to ensure nothing is cut off.
  • Always print as a PDF from Adobe Acrobat.
  • Never attempt to change the ink or the paper roll yourself. If the plotter is low on resources, inform an ITS staff member in 002M Hinds Hall.
  • The plotter is more expensive than a regular printer. A 24" x 36" will cost you $7.20, or 20 cents an inch. There are no refunds for accidental prints.

  • Please make sure the orientation of your print is correct.
  • We recommend minimizing solid backgrounds in your designs as much as possible, they use a lot of ink and the plot times will take much longer.

  • Allow 15-20 minutes per print.
  • There are absolutely no refunds for plotter prints. Make sure you are printing to the correct printer.

Printing to the plotter

1)  Log into the lab computer on the standing desk in 020 Hinds Hall. On the desktop, you'll see a shortcut named "Connect To Plotter". Double-click it and wait for the install process to finish.

2) Open your file (PDF file type is strongly recommended) using Adobe Acrobat (right-click, open with... Adobe Acrobat). 

3) After creating a document sized for the plotter, open the print dialogue (CTRL-P) and select “IST-H014-HP_PLOTTER” as your printer.

4) Next, click “Properties”.

5) For a 24x36 poster, under Paper/Quality tab,  select "MORE" and scroll all the way to the bottom of the list to select "ISCHOOL-PLOTTER-24x36". An example is shown below.

6) Click "OK" to allow the printer driver to manage your margin size.

7) Check the print preview (image on the right) and make sure the content fills the page as desired. You may need to select "Fit" to fit the image or text to the available space.

8) When you're satisfied with how the print preview looks, click “Print.” Your document will be sent to the plotter in H014. Allow 15-20 minutes per page.

Plotter Support

Used correctly, the plotter is a valuable resource that can benefit your next project. However, it is a professional tool and needs to be treated like one. If you are unsure about any aspect of use please consult with our staff in Hinds Hall 002M for assistance. 

The iSchool is not liable for print issues associated with the plotter.

If there are any issues with margins please inform ITS in room 002M for a refund if needed.