The iSchool Documents Content Library is intended for content that needs to be widely and routinely distributed or accessed by the entire iSchool or a group of individuals that routinely work together. This is a great option for committees, programs, and departments to create a shared folder for file sharing from a central location that is routinely accessed by other faculty and staff.

iSchool Documents shared folders have to be initially created by the iSchool Technology Services team. Please submit a ticket to request a shared folder by emailing and include the individuals who would need access, (either 'read only' or read/write), to this space within the email.

Before starting to create or edit your new document like word or excel, please save file to iSchool Documents by following steps below: 

Save file to iSchool Document

 1. Open Office application (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) that you want to create

 2. Navigate to Files on top left

 3. Go to Save As

 4. Under Syracuse University Click Sites

 5. On the right side click Group-iSchool 

 6. In the Group-iSchool Folder Navigate and click iSchool Documents folder 

 7. In iSchool Documents folder navigate to desired place you want to save your new file

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