1. Launch Adobe Acrobat Pro DC from the Windows Search and log in using @syr email.

2. Under the home tab navigate to the “Other Storage” and click add account and then select add SharePoint Site.   

3. The prompt box will ask for an Account name (Name of the teams channel) and the URL which can be found by navigating to Office 365 and following the next steps

4. Once logged into Office click the top right corner of the grid of dots to list apps and click on the SharePoint app. If it is not under the apps section there you can use the search bar as well to find SharePoint.

5. Once in SharePoint you should see the different teams channels you are in. Click the one which you would like to access files from.

6. Once in that teams channels SharePoint page you can then copy and paste the web address link from your browser and paste it into Adobe Acrobat URL section and click continue.


7. Once added you should see a Shared Documents folder where you can navigate in to find the file you would like to edit.

When opening files it will ask if you would like to check out and open which will show others you are currently working on the file and not able to be edited while you are editing it.

Be sure to save your file after you are finishing editing it and closing the file in Adobe Acrobat.

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