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When attempting to print specific ranges in Microsoft Word with a Mail Merge, nothing happens.


  • Normally when you want to print only specific pages or range of pages in a Word document, you can simply specify to print the range by specifying the beginning page and end page using a - symbol.
    • Example: If you want to print pages 3 through 10 you would select File > Print from the menu and type 3-10 in the Page Range box.  However you may encounter problems attempting this with a mail merged document.
  • When you create a mail merge, Microsoft Word places what is know as pages into sections.  According to Microsoft Help, you can print a range of pages within sections by specifying the page numbers and section numbers. 
    • Example: if you want to print page 3 (in section 3) and page 4 (in section 4) you would select File > Print from the menu and type p3s3-p4s4 in the Page Range box.  However, this won't work with a mail merge either.
  • If both methods above won't print specific pages with a mail merge, then try this:
    1. Select File > Print from the menu
    2. In the Page Range box, enter the range of numbers by using only the section numbers.
    • Example: s3-s10 (This should print pages 3 through 10)