Course Description

Basic ideas, concepts and perspectives of management as they apply to the information professions. Students learn to understand and apply basic principles of organization theory and behavior and managerial techniques needed to improve organizational effectiveness.



Professor of Record

Paul Gandel


This course is required for iSchool graduate students in Information Management and Library and Information Science, but is open to other students who might be interested.

Learning Objectives

After taking this course, students will be able to:

  1. Understand the evolution of management thought and theories and their application to a variety of organizational contexts.
  2. Understand the elements leadership and what makes an effective leader.
  3. Understand strategic planning and decision making within organizations.
  4. Understanding of organizations from both a structural and human perspective.
  5. Understand the basic ways to coordinate and control organizational resources and activities.

Course Syllabi

IST 614 Fall 2021 Semester Syllabus- Paul Gandel

IST 614 Quarter Term Syllabus

IST 614 Spring 2021 Syllabus- Jamie Stewart

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