Course Description

This course prepares information professionals to develop cultural competencies and provide inclusive services to underrepresented populations by focusing on knowledge and skill development including location, selection, evaluation, and discussion of various genres and formats of resources as well as instruction for strategies to use these resources.   



Professor of Record

Beth Patin


Graduate students and information professionals

Learning Objectives

After taking this course, students will be able to: 

  1. Recognize salient facets of cultural competence, humility, and responsiveness, particularly in relation to U.S. library and information services.
  2. Demonstrate cultural competence in location, selection, evaluation, and developing collections of resources.
  3. Implement strategies for using various genres and resources to meet information needs.
  4. Engage in respectful and informed discussion of and deliberations about issues related to cross cultural competence.
  5. Create an equitable cultural environment for your library community through advocacy. 

Course Syllabus

IST 682 Fall 2021 Semester Syllabus - Beth Patin

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