Course Description

Advanced, lab-based exploration of enterprise cloud migration/adoption costs, planning and economics; cloud application/service design, network and data center resource orchestration. Topics also include cloud elastic sizing, risk management, governance, compliance and monitoring.

Additional Description:

IST 714 Cloud Architecture is an advanced, architecture design thinking course. What is needed for enterprise cloud migration and adoption plans, economics and cost analyses, cloud and edge application and service design, virtual network and software defined data center resource orchestration, cloud and edge cybersecurity, cloud governance, and cloud management and monitoring are addressed. Infrastructure, Platform, and Application as a Service course components and class projects, lectures, industry guest lectures, class discussions, and case studies facilitate student learning.



Professor of Record

Lee McKnight


iSchool students enrolled in School of Information Studies MS degree and Certificate programs in Applied Data Science, Information Management, and Library and Information Science, are welcome. Students in other graduate degree programs may enroll with permission of instructor.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will learn through experiential practice to develop intermediate to advanced skills with private, public, hybrid, federated and multi-cloud platforms.
  2. Students will understand the Cloud Computing Stack including SaaS, PaaS and IaaS components.
  3. Students will learn secure cloud architecture, service development and operations (Dev/ops) and how to incorporate security into the Devops environment for cloud – native DevSecOps processes.
  4. Students will learn cloud operating model business organizational impacts.
  5. Students will learn cloud economics and service innovation.
  6. Students will learn cloud service technical and business risk assessment.
  7. Students will learn cloud migration strategies to shift from legacy systems.

Course Syllabus

Spring 2022 Syllabus- Lee McKnight

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