Links allow readers to quickly navigate to relevant content—both internally to other pages and externally to other resources on the web. Links should be contextual and never inserted into a document as a raw URL. Instead a link within a document should be a descriptive link. 

Inserting a link can be accomplished by entering editing mode and doing the following

  1. On the editing toolbar select the 'Insert link' button depicted below.

    Depicts the Insert Link button.

  2. Depending on what type of content to be inserted either
    1. Search for the content to be linked to and be sure to give the link descriptive text.

      Depicts Inserting a Link to Answers Content.

    2. Paste the full URL to a web link and give it a descriptive link text.

      Depicts Inserting a Link to Web Content.
  • Never insert a full URL into a document.
  • Use descriptive text as the link text when inserting a link.
  • Link text should always be more than one word.