When to use Lists

Lists are used to format sequential or subordinate content or steps. Lists are either a numbered or bullet list. Numbered lists should always be utilized for sequential steps; while bullet lists should be utilized to group like content. An example of a page using multiple types of lists.

How to Insert Lists

Both numbered and bullet lists can be inserted by entering editing mode

  • Selecting the 'Numbered List' or 'Bullet List' button found on the editing toolbar.
    Depicts the Bullet List Button on the editing toolbar.Depcits the Numbered List Button on the editing toolbar.
    • To create sub lists, use the indent button.

      Depicts the Indent Right Button.

Design Guidelines

  • Leverage numbered lists to indicate sequential steps for a process.
  • Utilize bullet lists to highlight related, but unordered, content.
  • Use the Indent button to create sub lists.

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