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Listserve is a service run by central Information Technology Services (ITS) for the university. 

Listserve is also a service the iSchool's "Technology Services" group will assist in supporting.  Our primary goal, especially for any lists associated with the school, is that it has a backup administrator account managed by Technology Services.

Program and Administrative Lists

"Program" lists

Program lists are intended to send messages to specific groups of enrolled students based on academic program and in some cases year.  

"Administrative" lists

Administrative lists are intended for members to receive announcements and discuss operations and other topics.

Do you need to send a message to a list?

Based on the type of list, how the list is controlled, and your membership, will determine if you may send a message directly to a particular list. 

We have two main types of lists:

Member lists contain actual subscribers. There are two types of member lists;

    • Discussion - in that all members can send a message to that list for all members to see and reply to.
    • Announcement - members will receive messages from the list and only specific "senders" are authorized to send a message to the list. Messages sent to, or replied to by others, including members, will be rejected.

Rollup lists are special lists that distribute a message to multiple lists. Rollup lists too can be either a Discussion or Announcement type list and follow the same rules as member lists above.

Following is a diagram on how our Program and main Administration lists are organized.

Distribution Flow of iSchool Lists

So who can send to the lists in the above diagram?

Discussion Lists - Only "members" can send or reply to the list.  Members are confirmed by the owner of the list. You cannot self-subscribe. Beyond that there are a few other accounts allowed to post to the list such as a special alert account.

Announcement and Roll Up Lists - Are restricted to just a few "sender" accounts, they include among others; dean's office, program directors, academic affairs, advising and career services accounts.


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