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The DBLAB.ISCHOOL.SYR.EDU server is a database hosting environment used by database management courses in the iSchool. If you're taking or teaching a web design, web programming, or database class such as: IST263, IST553, IST479, IST679, IST359, or IST659 then this server will probably suit your needs. All iSchool courses are eligible to use this service to supplement teaching or project work within their class. The system is configured to utilize the university's Microsoft Active Directory service, which means you sign in using your SU NetID and password. Check out the tutorials section to get started.

As the class instructor, do I get an account?

Yes, you get an account for each class that you're teaching in the current semester. Your account works just like a student account EXCEPT in addition to your own databases and web folder, you also have FULL RIGHTS to access your student's spaces, too! Handy if you need to offer assistance or grade their work.

Do my TA's get an account?

Sure, but it won't happen automatically since these students aren't enrolled. Please submit a helpdesk ticket and include the TA's NetID and the course number.

What about student add/drops?

Due to limits of various administrative systems, we are only able to refresh enrollment data once per day to create new accounts. When a student registers for a course, there will be a slight (up to 24 hours) delay before the change propagates to DBLAB.ISCHOOL.SYR.EDU. Please be patient!

Can I access these services from off-campus?

Yes, we highly recommend using RDS ( to connect to an SU Lab computer. The 'iSchool' pool has MS SQL Management Studio installed.

Can I access these services from my personal device?

At this time, the only supported method for connectioning is to use RDS (

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