1. In Teams, navigate to the Teams tab and click on your team's space.
  2. On the ribbon located above the chat, click on Files.

  3. On the toolbar located above the file share, click on Open in SharePoint. This will open a new tab in your browser.
  4. In SharePoint, click on the ellipsis (...) located on the toolbar  above the file share and click on Alert Me. This will open a pop-up named Alert me when items change.
  5. In the Alert me when items change pop-up, you can set how, when, and where you would like to be notified when a file change is processed.
    1. Alert Title
      1. Enter the title for the alert. This is included in the subject of the notification sent for this alert.
    2. Delivery Method
      1. Specify how you want the alerts delivered.
        1. Email
        2. Text message
    3. Change Type
      1. Specify the type of changes that you want to be alerted to.
        1. All changes
        2. New items are added
        3. Existing items are modified
        4. Items are deleted
    4. Send Alerts for These Changes
      1. Specify whether to filter alerts based on specific criteria. You may also restrict your alerts to only include items that show in a particular view.
        1. Anything changes
        2. Someone else changes a document
        3. Someone else changes a document created by me
        4. Someone else changes a document last modified by me
    5. When to Send Alerts
      1. Specify how frequently you want to be alerted. (mobile alert is only available for immediately send).
        1. Send a notification immediately
        2. Send a daily summary
        3. Send a weekly summary
  6. Once you have set the alert options, Press OK.

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