Students currently residing outside of the United States should activate their Azure account using an RDS computer -

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Azure for Students is available only to students who meet the following requirements. You must affirm that you are age 18 or older and attend an accredited, degree-granting two-year or four-year educational institution where you’re a full-time student in a STEM-related field. You must verify your academic status through your university’s email address .

The student account grants $100 in free credit to use and test the Azure services.

Am I eligible?

Your eligibility is added to Microsoft Azure based on your affiliation with the iSchool. In order to be eligible to access Microsoft Azure, you must:

  • Be enrolled in an IST class for the current term (term schedules can be found on the Academic Calendar)

  • Currently reside in the US (or use RDS as noted above)

Enroll / Activate your Account

  1. Navigate to the following link -
  2. Select 'Activate Now' to start the Microsoft Azure Student Account creation
  3. When prompted to login with a Microsoft Account - use your University email address
  4. Follow the steps to activate your account - Azure will verify your student status and grant access when accepted (~2-3min).
  5. The Dashboard for an activated Student Account is pictured below.

Azure for Students FAQs

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