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Using the mouse and keyboard in a virtual machine

You use the mouse and keyboard to control a virtual machine much as you would a physical computer.

The remote console will act as an open web tab; allowing the user to access as well as click away from the VM seamlessly.

Keyboard Shortcuts within VM

In general, the keyboard works the same for a virtual machine as it does for a physical computer. Although, some keyboard short cuts such as CTRL+ALT+DELETE do not work within a virtual machine because of the interaction between the host operating system and the guest operating system.

Here is a list of VM actions that can be done using keyboard shortcuts:

  • Power On (CTRL+ALT+B)
  • Power Off (CTRL+ALT+E)

  • CTRL+ALT+DEL Alternative (CTRL+ALT+INSERT) (or Click "Send Ctl+Alt+Delete" button in top right of Remote Console tab)
  • Full Screen Mode (CTRL+ALT+ENTER) (or Click "View Fullscreen" button in top right of Remote Console tab)

    Web Consolte - Keyboard Shortcuts

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