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Distributed on  Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Other ways you can utilize the Orange SUccess system*

I would like to share a couple of things that I currently do. I use it to send kudos and flags to my students throughout the semester. It is important to use this system for both kudos and flags. This keeps a record and lets all advisors (anyone associated with this student in the system) informed.


When I send a “kudos” to a student outside of these progress reports, I see a change in the classroom. Not only does it increase their level of participation in class discussions, they actually sit taller in their seats. This brings a new level of confidence. I use the opportunity after I send out a kudos to 1 or more students to share with all students. I simply announce that I gave out some kudos in Orange Success and I look forward to giving out more for efforts put forth in class, their work, participation in discussions, etc.


These are just as important. This notifies the student and anyone associated with that student in the system of a problem.

  • Example 1: When a student is not speaking up in class or I feel that they could be adding more to the discussion – I can submit a flag about participation.
  • Example 2: Student is struggling to turn in assignments – I can submit a flag. I will include a note letting him/her know what needs to be done as well as encourage this student to come to office hours.

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