Overview of the technology:

Zoomed out picture of all monitors in Katzer

How to use the room:

  1. Power on Extron panel in the frontof the room (if not powered on already)

  2. From there you will be presented with a few options:

    1. Present from Local PC -(recommended) this will allow you to login with your SU NETID and password and present with the keyboard and mouse located in Katzer.

    2. Present from HDMI source  - if you have your own laptop with an HDMI port or adapter you can present directly from your own machine.

      Picture of Katzer ports in front of the classroom
  3. Since there are multiple screens to broadcast to, If you wish to display different machines on different screens use the “Monitor Control” button on the bottom of the Extron panel. ( if not, make sure all the monitors are set to the correct input you first selected when setting up the presentation)

View of Monitor Control tab of Katzer Extron

Other Instructional Resources

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