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This guide is intended for iSchool faculty, staff and students only (Excluding lab printers - Printing to lab printers from personal devices is prohibited). Students must be granted access to these printers. Public printers are available in the labs on the lower floor of Hinds Hall, room 014.

Table of Contents

Download and Install Drivers

Be sure to choose the correct driver that matches your operating system version.

If you aren't sure, see the Apple support page -

Xerox Copiers 

  • Hinds 343 - ist-h343-xerox7556
  • Hinds 245 - ist-h245-xerox5955
  • Hinds 114 - ist-h114-xerox7970

macOS Print Driver (you only need to install this driver once but have to add each copier separately)

HP Printers

  • Hinds 337 - ist-h337-hpljm401dne

HP Printer Drivers v3.1

  • Hinds 206 - ist-h206-hpljm402dn
  • Hinds 002C - ist-h002-hpljm402dn
  • Hinds 002M - ist-h002m-hpljm479fdw

HP Easy Start App

  • Hinds 011A - ist-h011a-hpdjz3200ps (Plotter)

HP DesignJet PostScript Driver

Dell Printers

  • Hinds 105 - ist-h105-d2150cdn

Dell D2150 Installer

Printer Connection Strings:

Hinds 343 - smb://

Hinds 337 - smb://

Hinds 325 - smb://

Hinds 206 - smb://

Hinds 245 - smb://

Hinds 114 - smb://

Hinds 002C - smb://

Hinds 002M - smb://

Hinds 011A - smb://

Hinds 105 - smb://

Add the printer

  1. Open System Preferences, and click on "Printers and Scanners".

  2. Click on the "+" icon underneath the left-hand "Printers" pane.

  3. Choose "Advanced" on the Add window toolbar. If you do not see the "Advanced" button, you will need to customize your toolbar to add it. (Right-click on the toolbar, choose Customize Toolbar and drag the "Advanced" gear icon into your toolbar.

  4. Fill in the Advanced screen options as shown in the image below. Be sure to substitute the proper information for the printer you want to add.

    Type = Windows printer via spoolss
    Device = Another Device
    URL = insert the connection string for the printer to which you want to connect from the "Printer Connection Strings" list at the beginning of this guide.

    Name = give the printer a name for your reference - do not use any spaces in the name
    Location = give the printer location for your reference - again, no spaces
    Use = see step #5

  5. Under the Choose A Driver drop-down menu, choose "Select Software" and then find the correct model name for your printer. 

    Note that the correct driver will not appear in the list unless you completed the Download and Install Drivers step at the beginning of this guide.

  6. After selecting your driver, click Add and the printer should now show up in your list. 
    The first time you try to print, you should be prompted to enter your username and password. Enter youNetID and password in the format shown below. 
    If you wish to save the credentials to your Keychain, you can do so by checking the box in the authentication window.


  • When sending your first print job, you may not be prompted to enter your username and password, and your print job pauses with the message Hold for Authentication.
  • Click the circular arrow icon in the queue window next to your print job, as shown below. This should cause you to be re-prompted to enter your information.

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  1. Nice! Super easy instructions. Got it working on the first try. Thanks!!!