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Manage another mailboxes and calendar items. If you do not know the email address, ask the person who granted you Delegate Access permissions.

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Proxy Access via Microsoft Outlook 

1. In Outlook, Click File > Add Account

2. In the Auto Account Setup screen, enter the email account of the proxy mailbox in the E-mail Address field leaving all other fields empty on SU domain managed computers. 

3. When prompted, click Use a different account and enter your ad\netID and password. Check Remember my credentials. Click OK.

4. Verify that the setup completed with three green check marks, click Next and Finish.

5. Click OK on the restart required prompt, then close and reopen Outlook

Outlook - Add proxy mailbox step 7

Proxy Access via OWA

Open your preferred web browser, and enter the URL<proxy_account_email_address>, replace <proxy_account_email_address> with the email address of the proxy mailbox (if using a generic account, enter the provided generic username and password).

When accessing a generic mailbox please be aware. Messages sent from this account will come from your personal email address unless you:

Enable and use the From field. Click Options and From and complete the field using so when the mail message is 'replied to' it will return to the generic accounts inbox and not your personal mailbox