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RLab is now only a backup remote lab solution. Please use RDS.SYR.EDU and select iSchool to access the iSchool software remotely. More information can be found here:

If experiencing issues with the web interface, you can utilize a remote desktop client to connect to RLab.

Below are instructions on how to connect with an RDP Client for Windows and Mac.


  1. Download and open this RLab Connection File
  2. You will prompted with a login
    1. Under password, enter: <Your NetID Password>


  1. Download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop Mac App
  2. Download and open this RLab Connection File

Important considerations

  • Save your work to your network (H:\) drive

    • Just like our physical labs, any files saved to the local hard drives will be removed.

  • Save your work often

  • Please be aware: Idle sessions will automatically be logged out after 2 hours.

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