The software required for iSchool coursework is accessible via Syracuse University's Remote Desktop Services (RDS | within the IST Pool. Remote Lab is a "virtual" computer lab that allows iSchool students and faculty to remotely access a lab computer from their home, dorm room or anywhere with a stable broadband internet connection. Below is the documentation on how to access RDS, please be sure to leverage the IST Pool if you require the software specific to an iSchool course The iSchool Pool is only accessible to current and active iSchool students.

Syracuse University's Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

Configuring and Connecting to RDS

Users are able to access RDS via the remote desktop client (RDP) or via a web browser. 

Remote Desktop Services via RDP Client

Remote Desktop Services via Browser    (RDS.SYR.EDU)

Before you connect, please note the following important considerations for using the RDS solutions.

  • Save your work to your network (H:\) drive

    • Just like physical labs, any files saved to the local hard drives will be removed.

  • Save your work often

  • Please be aware: Idle sessions will automatically be logged out after 2 hours.
  • Only one session can be active per user. Logging into another session will disconnect from the previous and reconnect on the new session.
  • Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are the recommended browsers for connecting through the Web user interface.
  • Please be aware: Users are required to have their Microsoft Two-Factor Authentication setup before using RDS.

Additional Support Information for RDS

RDS Troubleshooting

ITS RDS Documentation

If at any time you require additional assistance, please contact the ITS Help Desk by voice at 315.443.2677 or by email at

Additional Resources