1. In Teams, navigate to the Calendar on the left-hand ribbon. 

  2. Click on Meet now in the upper right-hand corner of the Teams window.

  3. Join the meeting with audio and video enabled.

  4. Invite a user to the meeting by entering their name in the Invite someone search box.
    1. If the user does not have a Microsoft account, you can share the link by clicking on the link icon to the right of the Invite someone search box. This will copy a share link to your clipboard that you can send to the user you wish to meet with.

  5. After inviting the user, click on the share icon located on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. You may have to hover your mouse over the main Teams meeting to make it appear.

  6. By clicking on the share icon, the a window will appear at the bottom of you screen containing the windows that are available to share in the meeting. Click on one to share.

  7. Once the window has been selected, your screen will change from the Teams window to the window that you are sharing on you computer. A small window will remain int he bottom right-hand corner of your screen containing the Teams meeting.

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