Many iSchool's staff and faculty has access to highly restricted data in order to perform their occupational responsibilities. Understanding what the University identifies as secured data is only part of the employee's shared responsibility of protecting restricted data in all its forms. To learn more about identifying your level of secured data access please visit Requirements for Secure Access to University Data.

Most access requirements can be accomplished with Basic or Level 2 Data Access (managed by University IT staff). Employees seeking access to university  confidential and/or enterprise data from off-campus and/or unmanaged system (personal) or Level 3 access need to obtain approval from their department authorizer via Secure Data Access Authorization Process and complete the following IT Security Awareness Training (requires VPN from off-campus for un-managed devices). 

Please complete the below training modules:

Required: After finishing the above modules, please click on My Report Card located the top-right hand corner of the page. Scroll down and export your completion in Word. Please submit it to We will review and grant the appropriate access.

Employee Responsibility:

  • Employees must take reasonable steps to protect University data.
  • University restricted data should be accessed only if authorized to do so.
  • Follow all University regulations, laws and IT security standards.

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