1. Navigate to the Files tab inside the Teams channel
    File tab in Teams

  2. Click on the New icon  located on the ribbon directly above the file directory and create a folder
    1. Enter the name of the folder
    Create a folder icon in Teams

  3. Click on the folder you just created

  4. On the same ribbon where the New icon was located, click on Open in SharePoint. This will open a window in your internet browser
    Open in SharePoint button in Teams

  5. The page that opens in you browser will be very similar to the one seen in Teams. On the ribbon located above the file directory, click on Share
    Share button in SharePoint

  6. In Send Link pop-up, you can enter the name or email address of the individual(s) you wish to share the folder with. Once entered, press Send to share the folder

    1. Note - By sharing the folder with the individual(s), the shared user will only have access to the folder within the Teams Files tab and not the Teams messaging channel

    Share pop-up in SharePoint

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