• iSchool tour

  • Staff introductions

  • Outlook/calendars /room reservations

  • Event Proposal Form and process

  • Events calendar/external and internal outlook

  • Team’s training

Human Resources – Mariann Major

(Tasks in parenthesis are taken care of by central HR)

  • ( Complete I-9 paperwork at either Human Resources on Skytop Drive or the Student Employment office in 210 Steele Hall – Identification is needed. A List of Acceptable Documents is below)
  • Obtain an identification card from the Office of Housing, Meal Plan and I.D. Services at 206 Steele Hall
  • Complete your Pay Notice Acknowledgement in the Employee Services section on MySlice  homepage
  • Sign up for direct deposit and update your federal and/or state tax withholding status and allowances on MySlice under employee self-service Payroll Tile
  • Schedule your Hazard Communication Training online 
  • Complete a TIAA waiting period waiver form, if applicable
  • (Attend New Employee Orientation, scheduled by Human Resources - Goldstein Student Center Room 201A, B and C - South Campus on Skytop Drive)
  • 2020 Benefits Guide - for additional information
  • Procurement Card  if applicable – Meghan MacBlane

I-9 Paperwork