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Obtaining Your Degree Works PDF for Verification

  1. Log into your SU MySlice account

  2. Under Student Services, locate the Degree Works tab

  3. Once in your degree works, save as a PDF 

How to Authenticate Student Status with Tableau

  1. Begin the registration process

  2. When you arrive at the section asking for authentication documents upload the degree works pdf from the section before

  3. Once the information is filled out and documents are attached, authentication will take approximately 10 minutes

  4. You should receive an email verifying your authentication and also receive a product key

Using the Product Key

  1. Once you receive your verification email with the product key, copy the key to your clipboard
    1. IMPORTANT NOTE: flag or save the verification email from Tableau if you plan to use it often; you will need the product key each time you sign in

  2. Open Tableau and select, "I have an activation code"

  3. Enter code and begin using Tableau

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