We have a two different forms you can use, depending on the nature of your request. Using these forms will add your update or projects directly into our queue. We recommend saving these links in your bookmarks for easy reference.

  • iSchool Website Update Request: use this form to report iSchool website bugs or request small updates , such as fixing a typo or a broken link, or updating information on a profile page.
  • Project Request: use this form to request larger-scale projects which require design, copywriting, or other creative work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I make my request?

The lead time guide below will help you best determine when you need to make your request. This is the minimum amount of time you should allow to complete your project.

  • Web Updates
    • Small updates: 1-3 days. Small web updates, such as correcting a typo, adding new content, changing a picture, or editing the content of one page can happen as quickly as that same day or within 2-3 days depending on ongoing projects.
    • Large updates: 2 weeks. Website updates that are more involved, such as creating new pages or sections of the website, take longer.
  • Design projects: 1 week. The timeline includes design time as well as time for you to provide feedback and minor design revisions if needed.
  • Print Projects: 6 weeks. The timeline includes 2 weeks for strategy, creation, design, and feedback, 1 week for budget approval processes, and 3 weeks for proofing, printing, and delivery to Hinds Hall.
  • Print/Mailing Projects: 2 months. Print and mailing requests typically include design, proofing, and printing - as well as collecting mailing lists and then mailing.

What information should I include in my Marketing & Communications request?

Please include all relevant documents as well as a deadline. We have updated the request form to allow for 3 file uploads within a request. 

Please explain the full scope of the project, its importance and unique needs, and a deadline. The more more information you provide up front, the easier it will be for us to get started.

How is a Marketing and Communications Request different from an Orange Tracker/IT Ticket?

A request using the forms above will add it directly to the queue for the iSchool MarCom team. Orange Tracker is for when you have issues for the IT services team at the iSchool, such as classroom technology, your computer, software, or your phone system.

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