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As an iSchool Professor of Record (PoR) - you will have - 

  • Access to a ‘fillable” iSchool syllabus template
    • This is a “living document”
  • One storage area for all your course materials
  • Ability to share with all your instructors (view only or edit permissions)
  • Syllabi accessible for your students on an Answers page

Each iSchool course will have a folder in the iSchool Documents "Course Materials" section. All iSchool syllabi moving forward will be housed in their course folder. Each PoR has read/write access to their individual course’s folder, and can enable read/write access for any non-PoR's within their course folder. 

Instructions to Access Your Course Materials Library

We recommend accessing your folder through this direct link to SharePoint. 

  • The Course Materials shared folder is stored as follows: "Group-iSchool">iSchool Documents>Course Materials>Courses>IST ###>PoR Course Materials".  
  • There is an IST ### Syllabus Template already created for you in the "PoR Course Materials>Syllabus" folder. 

Instructions For File Sharing

We recommend that you stay in SharePoint for file uploads. The SharePoint browser view will allow you to upload multiple files at once, among other features. For more information, see File Sharing.

Instructions for Document Editing

Once you have a file saved in your Courses folder that you wish to edit, we recommend moving to the Desktop App view of any Office program.

  • To edit, right-click the file, select "Open", and click "Open in Program (ex: Word)"
  • This recommendation includes editing the Syllabus Template already created in the "PoR Course Materials>Syllabus" folder for every IST course. 
  • The SharePoint document will automatically update edits you make in the Desktop. 

How to Make Syllabi Visible to Your Students 

We recognize course delivery information continues to fluctuate as the University decides how to adapt to safety guidelines. At the beginning of each semester, you should save your most-up-to date syllabus for that semester in your Course Materials folder. Using the iSchool template is not required, but may save you time!

  • Depending on your planned modes of delivery for your course, you may need to add additional statements concerning online attendance/participation. 
  • Notify the FCTL team at when your syllabus has been updated for the semester. FCTL will then add the OneDrive link to your course’s iSchool Course Information page on Answers. These pages are for students to view detailed course information, and the syllabus will immediately be visible to your students.
  • If you are teaching a cross listed course and need the syllabus template that includes both grading tables, please send an email to

Course Materials Library Access For Your Instructors

Only the program managers, FCTL staff, and you, as PoR, already have Read/Write access to your Course Materials. Your section instructors do not have access yet.

  • When you are ready to share the Course Materials with your section instructors, please follow the instructions on this Direct File Sharing page to give access permissions to section instructors (feel free to submit a helpdesk ticket to for assistance).   
  • If you are planning to let the individual section instructors use their own syllabi, please right-click the folder and select "Share" to send to specific people. They can then upload their syllabi once they have access. If a folder does not already exist (Course Materials<Courses<IST ###< Section Instructor Full Name), please create a folder within your IST folder and name it Section Instructor Full Name, then share it with that section instructor. 
  • Your section instructors can then right click your syllabus file, use the "Copy To" function to create a copy in their "Instructor Name" folder for Fall 2020, and adapt it to their needs. 


  • Instructors who need access to course materials or syllabi, please email to open a ticket.
  • If you're encountering technical issues with accessing iSchool Documents, please email to open a ticket.

Once you have access to your course materials, you can leverage several different ways to share online documents with colleagues and students:

iSchool Course Information Pages

For students reviewing syllabi pre-term, the syllabus will be accessible through individual course pages on Answers, much like the course pages from the course schedule in the past. Your course's Information page will have OneDrive links to any syllabi you upload. 

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