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Cindy is an information resource management professional at Syracuse University.  She is highly respected on campus, earned from her long tenure and numerous accomplishments in project management, creative problem-solving and leadership.

As a Senior Project Manager at Enterprise Process Support since 2002, her roles as project manager and business analyst have included numerous Peoplesoft Student Administration projects, design and implementation of the first generation student assessment system as required by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), provisioning applicants with access to MySlice, and implementation of on-line grading for faculty.  Her work in Identity Management from 2008 - 2016 capitalized on her knowledge of SU, its business processes and the systems that support them in order to manage a reliable source of directory, account management and provisioning services.

Prior to joining the Enterprise Process Support group, Cindy worked as a project manager and prototype lead for the implementation the Student Financials (Bursar) component of PeopleSoft.  As Associate Registrar for Student Information Systems, she pioneered the role of functional business analyst for the implementation of Student Records, the first major module of Peoplesoft deployed at Syracuse University.  In addition to defining the academic structure, and mapping the conversion of legacy transcript data to the new system, she managed the transformation of the registration process from an in-person operation with a tradition of students waiting in long lines, to a self-service web-based process.

Her acumen for translating business requirements into technical specifications, combined with her ability to capitalize on opportunities for phased deployments, contributed significantly to the smooth transition from homegrown mainframe systems to PeopleSoft in the early-2000's.  Throughout her career, her commitment has always been to garner effective information solutions through collaboration among stakeholders, and to take full advantage of the vast amount of data captured by the University’s systems.  Significant awareness and appreciation for the complex processes have enabled Cindy to implement thoughtful, cost-effective and balanced solutions.


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