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Enterprise Process Support Values


  • We have respect for and trust in individuals in our interactions with each other and with all members of the University.
  • We communicate openly and candidly, but tactfully, with our customers, other organizations and each other.
  • We value team member differences and contributions.
  • We have confidence and pride in belonging to EPS.
  • We base our working relationships on consideration for each other.


  • We hold ourselves accountable for EPS’s success.
  • We fulfill commitments made to each other and to others.
  • We are accountable for the resources entrusted to us.
  • We see our success as the means to provide new services for our customers, create opportunities for each other and reward the financial trust of the University.


  • We operate EPS with uncompromising integrity.
  • We are ethical and honest in all our business dealings and understand that anything less is unacceptable.
  • We take educated and well-intentioned risks.
  • We admit our mistakes.
  • We realize that EPS’s reputation is built upon our conduct.


  • We are dedicated to serving our internal and external customers by understanding and anticipating their needs.
  • We foster a growth-oriented culture and apply innovation and creativity in our policies, processes, ideas and service.
  • We partner with our customers, and we develop and maintain long-term customer relationships by consistently delivering quality, innovative and valuable  service that meets or exceeds their expectations.


  • We are committed to excellence.
  • We believe that cooperation, collaboration and teamwork foster synergy which yields improved results.
  • We show patience and understanding with regard to resistance to change and fear of change.
  • We embrace change, and we work with the university community to overcome resistance to new ideas.
  • We believe in a vibrant learning culture, ongoing professional development, and personal growth.
  • We challenge ourselves and others to evaluate processes, and we seek and offer alternative solutions in order to do things better.
  • We recognize and celebrate our accomplishments.
  • We raise our quality standards ever higher and work together to continuously improve our performance EPS Values.


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