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Process Enablers

There are six process enablers that determine how a process behaves. It is important to understand how each enabler is affecting the process being analyzed.

1.  Workflow design: the sequence of steps, decisions and handoffs carried out by the process actors between the initial event and the final result.
2.  Information Technology: the systems, information, computers and other devices, telecommunications systems and the networks they make up.  IT enables the process by automating or supporting steps, capturing or presenting information or managing or expediting the workflow.
3.  Motivation and measurement: the explicit and implicit reward systems of the organization that are concerned with how people, organizations, and processes are measured and assessed, and the associated consequences (reward and punishment).
4.  Human resources: the knowledge, skills and experience of the workforce, training, organizational structure, job definitions, etc. (A process requires the right people in the right job with the right skills.)
5.  Policies and rules: the rules and policies established by the enterprise to guide or constrain business processes, as well as applicable laws and regulations.
6.  Facilities: the workplace design and physical infrastructure such as equipment, furniture, lighting, air quality and ambient noise.

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