Figure 1_Assisted Listening System

Recently upgraded LEMP registrar rooms include IR-based Assisted Listening Systems. These systems send all audio being projected in the rooms speakers, to individual body pack receivers that can be worn by users with hearing disabilities. Users have the ability to control volume and listen through an earpiece (3.5mm jack) or neck loop lanyard that is connected to the body pack receiver.  These systems work through line-of-sight between the receivers and transmitters. The transmitter is usually located in the front of the room under one of the webcams. If you have questions regarding this system in a specific classroom, please contact our help desk at 315-443-2677. As the receivers work off rechargeable batteries, you can request a device through contacting the building coordinator or our help desk.

Operating the Assisted Listening Receiver

To operate the Assisted Listening Receiver, use the following instructions:

  • Turn on the technology system in the room.
  • Additional receivers can be provided by contacting the building administrator or by request at 315-443-2677
  • Connect the earpiece (3.5mm) or the neck loop lanyard in the audio jack found on the top of the receiver (See: Figure 2.1_Als Receiver_Top View)
    Figure 2.1_Als Receiver_Top View
  • The Receiver should now appear as follows (See: Figure 2.2_ALS Receiver_Ear Piece):
    Figure 2.2_ALS Receiver_Ear Piece
  • Press down on the power button on the top of the unite for 1-second.  (See: Figure 2.1_Als Receiver_Top View for location)
    • The channel will already be programed to the frequency/channel in the room by default
    • The battery life can be displayed by tapping the power button. 
    • Press and hold the power button to turn the unit off.
  • Use the up and down arrows by the display to adjust volume (See: Figure 2.3_ALS Reciever_Volume)

Figure 2.3_ALS Reciever_Volume

  • Note, this unit will project the same audio that is sent to the speakers. If a source is off or muted in the room, it also will not send to the ALS Receiver.  (Figure 3_Control Panel_ALS for audio controls within the room)
    Figure 3_Control Panel_ALS

If the ALS receiver does not function as described please call 315-443-2677 for assistance. 

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