Learning Environments provides technical support for academic events and media production on main campus. This fee-based support, includes a wide array of Audio/Visual services for faculty and staff. Please note that priority is given to academic based events and classes.  Consulting and referral services are also available for events that LEMP is unable to support. More information on event and media production support can be found below.

Contact information for Academic Event and Media Production support

To request support from Learning Environments' Academic Event and  Media Production support group please fill out this online form: Events and Media Production Request Form.

For more information or questions regarding LEMP's services please contact the ITS help desk at 315-443-2677 or help@syr.edu  

Academic Media Production (AMP) Services 

Information Technology Services (ITS) offers a suite of services for the recording, editing, producing, and hosting of classroom, online, and hybrid instruction. With advanced skills in film, animation, 3D-modeling, linear/non-linear editing, and video production, the professional and student staff from the Learning Environments and Media Production (LEMP) team can help instructors and course coordinators create programs that will help students succeed. 

LEMP does NOT provide Zoom management services for hybrid events. LEMP will not act as a host nor co-host in Zoom. It is the responsibility of the event lead(s) to log in (or appointed non-LEMP personnel) and manage the Zoom meeting/webinar prior to and for the duration of the event. LEMP will ensure that an A/V feed is provided to the Zoom session and assist in connecting the transcriptionist for CART at the start of the event.

Note, if requesting a webinar license from LEMP, LEMP will create the webinar and provide attendee reports, but will not sign into the Zoom session or assist in Zoom management during the webinar. Event lead(s) will be assigned as hosts and are responsible for Zoom management.

LEMP Studio

wide shot of LEMP studios. Shows light bird, teaching station, and workstation

Two professors teaching on a light board

wide shot of LEMP studios. Shows light bird, teaching station, and workstation

This studio is fully equipped with top of the line recording equipment for online course content. Included is truss lighting, multi-cameras, audio/video mixing boards, green screen backdrops, and several computers for complete content creation. The studio is flexible and can be set-up in multiple ways:

  • Lightboard- The lightboard is a large piece of illuminated glass that the presenter can use similar to a whiteboard. As it is glass, LEMP records the presenter as they face their audience.
  • Teaching station- In the studio is a height adjustable teaching station which is similar to those in registrar classrooms. The presenter can record themselves with a separate video-feed of a Doc-Cam, Personal Device, or Wacom touch monitor.
  • Interview- LEMP has different seating options for the recording of interviews. Additional microphones, cameras, and backdrops can be provided as needed.

LEMP works closely with Online Learning Services (OLS), to help you use multi-media learning objects to enhance teaching and learning. Recording time can be requested using the  Events and Media Production Request Form. LEMP and OLS will set-up a preliminary meeting to discuss the content you are recording, how to record it in the studio, and if any editing is needed before posting it.

Information regarding social distancing and other studio operating procedures can be found in the Academic Media Production Studio - Fall 2020 Operating Plan.

Classroom Video Recording

student employee recording on videocamera LEMP provides single camera 1080p HD video recordings. Videos can be uploaded online, burned on DVDs, or digitally transferred. Multi-Camera recordings and editing can be requested based on LEMP's availability. Please note that these recordings are meant for archiving; LEMP does not offer live video streaming.

If videos are uploaded to Ensemble, an organization/library will need to be provided. If there is no preexisting library, one can be requested through Online Learning Services.

Please note that it is the University’s policy that all public-facing videos need to be captioned. The University is contracted with Automatic Sync to provide special rates for captioning. More information regarding captioning can be found by visiting Video Captioning Resources or contacting ITS Accessibility (accessibleIT@syr.edu). 

Video Editing

student employee working on computer video editing

If additional editing is needed on a video, a request can be made through the Events and Media Production Request Form. LEMP uses Adobe Creative Cloud to edit videos. This includes video/audio enhancement, graphics/animation, adding presentation materials, and other editing services. Please note that the client is responsible for providing all material they want edited in the video. Adjustments are limited based on the quality of the material provided.

Lead Time

One month or more preferred.  Classes are supported at the discretion of LEMP based on availability. 


  • Video Services–$125 
    • (includes 1 camera, encoding, basic editing)
  • DSLR- $20
  • Studio- $140/hr 
    • (Includes staffing)
  • Staff Charges–
    • $60/hr FTE
    • $25/hr Student
      • (includes gap time on weekdays and 4hr min on weekends) 

Academic Event Services 

Academic events supported by LEMP include technical support for CART, public address systems, display/projection systems, classroom A/V systems, and other presentation based technology. Please note that LEMP does not support video streaming or video conferencing for events. 

CART Services

Wall mounted CART Display

Projection Screen with PC Display and CART  displayed in lower third of screen

Mobile CART Display

LEMP supports the technology portion of CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation). This includes providing a remote transcriptionist with audio and displaying the transcription onsite. A transcritpionist will need to be requested separately to transcribe the in room audio. If needed, LEMP can refer you to available transcriptionists after filling out the  Events and Media Production Request Form.

There are different ways to display CART. Some rooms are equipped with Wall-Mounted Displays or Multi-Window Displays (CART displays underneath main projected source). For rooms without a CART Display, a mobile LED screen/projector will be used. CART Equipped Spaces gives a list of rooms with integrated CART displays.

Public Address System Support

Public Address System with 2 speakers on stands and a podium with a wireless microphone attachedLEMP is able to support permanent and temporary PA systems. For technology-equipped spaces, LEMP can provide additional microphones and adjust audio through the use of a soundboard. For unequipped spaces, LEMP may be able to add powered speakers and wired/wireless microphones. Please note that the amount/type of speakers and microphones used is dependent on what the space allows and is at the discretion of LEMP.

Display/Projection System Support

Mobile Flat Screen Display with SU logo shownMobile LED displays and projection systems can be added to events held in spaces without an AV system. In addition, a laptop for display may also be requested, however, the client must provide the material being displayed. The size, number, and type of displays will need to be coordinated with LEMP ahead of time.

Technical Support

Teaching Station PictureSupport is offered for events that need assistance with an existing AV system in a classroom. More information on the technology in registrar classrooms can be found on the Classroom Resource Guide. If only training is needed, a request can be made through the Training Request Form.

Webinar Loan

Zoom Webinar Landing Page

Learning Environments and Media Production (LEMP) provides consultation services for academic groups using Syracuse University supported web-conferencing platforms for events.  LEMP also has access to a Zoom Webinar (1000) license, which can be reserved on a first come-first serve basis for "one-off" events.  Users would have access to the webinar as a host, but not the webportal settings. There is a $120/flat access fee for each use of this license. 

For consultation, please use the following request form.

Presentation Technology Support

This support includes additional technology for presentation based events. Presentation remotes, podiums, and other technology may be requested through the Events and Media Production Request Form. Please note that support may need to be referred based on LEMP's availability and inventory.

Referral/Consulting Services

For events LEMP is unable to support, referral and consulting services are offered. This involves coordination of equipment and technical assistance provided by outside vendors and other groups on campus.

Lead Time

Two weeks or more preferred.  Events are supported at the discretion of LEMP based on availability. Adequate lead time is necessary to provide quality technical support services. One hour is the minimum set up time required for  events. 


  • Laptop–$75
  • Projector/Display–$100
  • PA System Package–$150
    • (includes 2 speakers $100, 4 mics $80, and 1 mixer $25)
  • CART system-$250
    • (includes 2 laptops, and 1 display)
  • Podium-$30
  • Presentation Remote- $10
  • Webinar Loan-$120/per use
  • Staff Charges–
    • $60/hr FTE
    • $25/hr Student
      • (includes gap time on weekdays and 4hr min on weekends) 

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