Figure 3_Blu-Ray Player

This document will give instructions on how to play DVDs and Blu-Ray discs with Blu-Ray players in registrar classrooms.

Blu-Ray Players

Figure 3_Blu-Ray Player

Rooms may include a Blu-Ray player in the technology system. These players are able to play both DVDs and Blu-Rays. It is recommended, that if present, the Blu-Ray is used to play DVDs. The following instructions explain how to use this device:

  • Turn on the technology system
  • Select Blu-Ray as the projected source
    • A command should be sent to turn on the Blu-Ray player 
  • Press the eject button on the Player (See: Figure 3.2_Blu-Ray_Disc Insert)
  • Insert the disc or tape and press the eject button again to close the device
    Figure 3.2_Blu-Ray_Disc Insert
  •  A remote controller can also be found in the accessory drawer located on the teaching station or on the technology rack in the room.
  • Controls may also be found on the Touch Panel, if one is present in the room. (See: Figure 4_Touch Panel_Blu-Ray Controls)  
    Figure 2_Touch Panel_Blu-Ray Controls

If the technology does not function as described please call 315-443-2677 for assistance. 

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