Figure 1_CameraClassrooms may include a front and rear camera for web based video conferencing. These cameras and the rooms audio are fed directly into the Windows computer (Via USB). Controls for the cameras are found on the Touch Panel. The cameras have the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom. The cameras will send up to a full HD image, based on the application being used on the computer.   

How to Access and Control the Cameras

The following instructions will explain how to control the cameras and how to access the video feed on the Windows computer

Controlling the Cameras on the Touch Panel

  • Turn on the technology system on the touch panel. Commands will be sent to turn on the rear and front cameras.
  • To control the Cameras, select the Camera Controls on the main page of the Touch Panel (See: Figure 2_Touch Panel_Camera Button
    Figure 2_Touch Panel_Camera Button
  • The following page will load on the touch panel (See: Figure 2.1_Touch Panel_Camera Page)
    Figure 2.1_Touch Panel_Camera Page
    • Select rear or front camera to use the desired camera
    • Use the arrow buttons to pan and tilt.
    • Use Zoom In/Zoom Out buttons to control how much of the room is in the video
    • Presets can be used to quickly change between shots
  • When selecting front or rear camera, a preview of the video can be seen on the Wacom Monitor (See: Figure 3_Wacom_Camera Preview)   
    Figure 2.1_Touch Panel_Camera Page

Accessing the Cameras on the Windows Computer

To use the camera feed on the Windows Computer use the following instructions:

  • Open the desired web based video application. Skype is used in this example (See: Figure 4_Windows Computer_Skype
    Figure 4_Windows Computer_Skype
  • In the video and microphone options menu, make sure the correct source is selected. (See: Figure 4.1_Windows Computer_Skype Options)
    Figure 4.1_Windows Computer_Skype Options
  • A preview should generate of the web-cameras installed in the room
  • If you need to switch between the front and rear camera, the application may need to be restarted for the switch to take effect.

If the cameras do not function as described please call 315-443-2677 for assistance. 

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